Proper Assessment of Organizational Roles

Employees are the main gears that turn any business. This is especially true in large industries. Managers and business owners recognize this fact so they work with different agendas and programs in a conscious effort to make their employees happy so that they will continue to work well in the company. Without proper guidance, those upstairs may turn to personal biases and favor those employees whom they think deserve these benefits. In this regard, there is a special department in companies who handles the different issues, concerns and responsibilities to this sensitive resource.

The Role of HR

The Human Relations Department, or commonly called as HR, is responsible for the role of the bridge between the corporate heads and the workforce in the company. This department handles all concerns such as payroll, compensation, and benefits. This department is tasked to make sure that the employees receive the right compensation for what they work for and that the company receives significant work done for what they pay for.

This is also one of the main reasons for turnovers within the company. It is often the unjust assessment of the work delivered which directly affects compensation. If the turnovers are more often within a period of time within particular departments for this particular reason, the assessment program may be at fault.

HR departments usually have a unilateral system for the performance evaluation of its employees. This is commonly adopted so that the assessment will be done in an orderly and systematic manner. The process is considerably faster to accomplish but leaves a lot of evaluation problems. For example, a Salesperson can be quantitatively assessed for performance based on actual successful transactions made. On the other hand, a marketing representative is also assessed for the increase in sales in particular projects or propagandas. If a campaign takes a significant amount of time to finish, a marketing rep’s performance evaluation will only reflect a number of advertisements accomplished and the effects of the work done may not materialize immediately in the form of sales.

The Difference of Then and Now

This is certainly unfair for the departments whose role in the company where a quantitative assessment cannot wholly represent their individual performances and contributions to the company. The quantitative type of reasoning adheres to the previous generation, the industrial age, but seems to lack the capability to comprehend and acknowledge today’s information age.

Industrial age workers are usually paid by the hour or per production unit. This is because the merchandise produced is tangible or can be immediately given quantity and quality. That is why the large industries hold equipment, buildings and facilities, and possessions to materialize their net worth. Unlike the previous age, the information age does not necessarily rely on tangible assets to build the true worth of companies. Like in the case of the business giant Facebook, the company’s material assets do not comprise most of its true net worth. The value of Facebook lies in its wide user data and network.

Synergistic Organization

It is near impossible to find a universal formula for assessing the performances of the different departments and discipline within a company. One program may suit a particular group, but another may fail to justly assess the employees’ performances. A proper recall and study of the company’s vision and mission will help in the development of effective assessment programs for specific workgroups. Although the process may take quite some time to complete, investing in this important re-structure will bear more fruit in the long run. Doing so will create a better working ambiance within the company, ensuring the growth and satisfaction of the employees and at the same time the future of the institution.

My Virtual Assistant Training Experience

It takes a skill to become part of the virtual assistant community. A virtual assistant is skillful, reliable and determines to produce quality works on time. In order to do that, a virtual assistant is knowledgeable enough to handle a series of assignments given by customers whether administrative, technical or creative support. A skill acquired through work experience is enough to compete with another virtual assistant online, but to get ahead to everyone else; one must invest and engage themselves in intensive virtual assistant training.

A lot of companies online offer a series of training for a virtual assistant but I enrolled myself to the Knights of the Online Marketers. The company offers a ten course Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistant Training and Coaching Program for three straight days. This time, it is held in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines. I attended the virtual training and was one of the enrollees for the Batch 7 in Bukidnon.

The first day of training is the overview of Google products. These are the Gmail, Google Drive, Google Earth, etc. It was a surprise to learn new things in setting up a new Gmail account. Linking and importing two email accounts, namely the primary and dedicated account, is an eye-opener considering that my current job practices transferring of files using the email. Another is the Google Drive, it is new to me that files uploaded and shared online without using external data storage. Google Drive is a good choice in safe keeping ordinary files, but to some extent, it is not suggested to upload information related to personal and financial matters. The first day of training was admirable as it introduces other techniques for efficient use of email.

The second day is content writing. Honestly, I am not good in writing articles but tried making one entitled Vanity: Works of Contact Lenses. Next step is to create a blog account, then publish the article on, a publishing tool from Google for sharing photos, videos, and text. Before uploading the article, Grammarly, a site that suggests sentences, language rules, punctuation marks, and spelling is a huge benefit for altering errors in the article. Likewise, to check the uniqueness of our article, we use the Plagiarism checker which detects phrases and sentences that belong to someone else’s work or ideas. We ended the day full of information and determination to finish the training.

Last day is a creative day. It was all about the digital production of videos for personal and promotional campaigns. Useful online tools like the Article Video Robot, Animoto, and Camtasia. Unfortunately, some of these tools are not for free as you have to pay their monthly subscription to use the services. Furthermore, we had our exam for a virtual assistant and a recap of all our topics discussed. Then we went straight to Sir Bobby Tinsay’s residence for a Boodle Feast and proceeded with our graduation as a certified virtual assistant for Batch 7 in Bukidnon.

It was a fulfillment as well as grateful to finish the training. I had a lot of fun, making new friends and acquiring added skills and techniques to become an efficient virtual assistant in Bukidnon. Hoping more people will involve in this training as it really helps themselves to fully equipped with the required knowledge and skills to work in a highly challenging competitive environment.

Make a Career Out of Being a Makeup Artist

Are you innately predisposed to play with make-up, looks, and styles? Are you obsessed with cosmetics and fashion magazines? If so, then you may easily take to being a makeup artist as if a duck to water. It might interest you to take your natural interest and talent to another level and make a career out of it. If you can invest ample time and efforts in equipping yourself with the nuts and bolts of makeup artistry, then there is nothing stopping you from making your presence felt.

Put your Best Foot Forward

As a professional, a makeup artist may find ample opportunities in a diverse range of industries like modelling, movies, and advertising, among others. In the beginning, however, you may start up with special events like prom and wedding makeup. Additionally, you might look forward to making a foray into theatrical or special effects.

Polish up your Skills

Although you may be well-equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills and utilize it to good effect, it is very important for a professional artist to hone their skills on a regular basis, especially if they look to establish a strong foothold on the frontier. For this, you may register for a professional artistry course. There exist a lot of options, ranging from basic workshops to advanced courses. These courses put you through hours of rigorous practical training.

Stay Up-to-date with what’s in Vogue

Besides your credentials, you must make it a point to pore over related articles and magazines. Additionally, you may attend trade shows, workshops, and training events. Similar to the fashion industry, makeup industry is ever-changing and it’s very important to remain abreast of the latest trends.

Online Stores for Cosmetics and Tools

In addition to necessary skill-sets, it is necessary that you are equipped with the right tools. Although these tools are not available at throwaway prices, it will be a worthwhile investment to ensure that you ply efficiently at your professional assignments. There exists a wide range of high-end products from the house of top-notch brands to choose from. Generally, makeup online stores fit the bill in this regard. These stores stock an extensive range of supplies. Additionally, some of the online vendors make their offerings available at discounted prices. While some of them accommodate shipping charges into the selling prices of their products, others simply charge nothing for it.

On the conclusive note, it is worth mentioning that to become a professional artist, the first base to cover is to gain top-notch hands-on training from the industry experts. Secondly, it is very important that you gain ample experience to make your portfolio stand out.

Career Opportunity In Dentistry After BDS

For a million dollar smile and relief from pain people happily pay a visit to a dentist. Dentistry, a profession that deals with the treatment and examination of teeth, gums and other oral diseases and cavities. In simple words, a dentist is needed to overcome the problems like replacement, removal and correction of decayed, damaged or lost teeth. Career profiles of the dentists are changing briskly, and now they are expected to perform computer and magnetic resonance imaging, teeth implants, tissue transplant, laser and trauma surgery. The enhanced role has made dentistry a lucrative career and opened the new avenues for all those who are pursuing BDS.

By the time you finish your BDS from a dental college excellent job opportunities from hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and health departments are offered to you. And if you are interested in teaching you can join any dental college across the world. MDS is a better option after BDS as it will further progress your education and clinical knowledge, and help you in both your clinical practice and the teaching profession. Earning specialisation in a particular field during your MDS can offer better prospects in the field of dentistry.

Apart from MDS, there are several diploma courses like diploma in dental assistance, certificate course in orthodontics and dental mechanics and many other, which can give you an edge over the others and provide you new avenues in dentistry. Highly qualified dentists are the first choice of both public and private sector firms. And those who are looking for an exciting job can go for a job with the forensic department. A BDS graduate has the great opportunity to join a research institute and pursue a career of a researcher. And if you are interested in management services, an MBA after BDS can take you to the hospital management job.

Armed forces also offer dentistry jobs on successful completion of BDS from a dental college. Your job is to provide the dental care to army personnel as well as their beneficiaries. Expertise in Oral and Maxillofacial combat allow you to save lives on the battlefield. Army hires specialist from all the areas of dentistry to offer better facilities to their personnel.

Dentistry offers abundant overseas opportunities for graduates of dental college; dental professionals have a real demand in countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada. The struggle of the initial period can allow you to have enormous returns by working in these developed economies. Further, Gulf countries also offer good jobs and great remuneration to dental graduates.

Dentists can also work in the field of KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) that involves interpretation of their dental knowledge and provide services to their potential patients through internet or voice based calls. These days customised mobile dental vans are also getting popular and can offer exciting career prospects. Alternatively, a course in public health after BDS can make you eligible for jobs provided by WHO. Thus opportunities are abundant all you need to investigate and choose the one that suits most to you.

How to Succeed on the Job and During a Search? It’s What You Think, Stupid!

Your future success is determined by what you think about yourself right now. Your tomorrows are defined by your today’s and what you think about all day long. So your future cannot be any more satisfying than the current opinions you hold of yourself.

By way of example, let’s say that during grammar school one of your classmates said that you were a loser. You would hold on to that opinion of yourself to this very day. A negative byproduct of what you think about yourself is that you would be afraid to try new things for fear of failing.

And take the characteristics of poor people who become big lottery winners. They often lose it all. That’s because they hold poverty opinions about themselves and are unable to invest their millions wisely. No matter how huge the jackpot they win, their reality is still one of being needy and of hardship. As a result of their thinking, they behave as poor people do.

You can change your mind

“If you believe that your current reality is fixed,” said motivational author Louis C. Tice quoted on the Internet, “You get trapped in your own mistaken sense of “”This is the way it is.”” You tend to think things are always going to be this way. But Tice says “the present is not permanent. You can change your mind.”

What you think is how you’ll act

When you possess a negative self-image, you’ll act like the schlump you believe you are and always have been. So there’s a need to change the image you have of you.

Happy talk

Self-image is a result of what we tell ourselves. If your self-talk is limiting, you are building limitation into your belief system. Always tell yourself who you want to be and what you want to have

Bloody Mary, a character in the Broadway play and movie South Pacific, knew this well when she sang:

“Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,

Talk about things you’d like to do,

You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream,

How you gonna have a dream come true?”

You always act in line with the daydreams you’ve created for yourself

When you’re able to visualize yourself as successful in your field of work, your subconscious will take over and change how and what you think and therefore act. This happens over a period of time as you work to match the new image of yourself that you hold in your head.

Tice sums it up nicely when he writes, “What you achieve is largely a matter of what you believe; in fact, you might say: believe equals achieve.”

How to give yourself an attitude adjustment

So what’s an attitude anyway? It’s the stance you take and the outlook you have towards something or someone. You aren’t born with the attitudes you hold. You’ve created them by habitual ways you think about a person, place, or situation. This thinking is habitual because attitudes have been programmed into you psyche..

An attitude you hold is positive when someone or something attracts you. The reverse is true when you retreat from something. In that case, you’ll have a negative outlook.

Has someone ever accused you of having a bad attitude? If so, it meant you had a negative outlook because that person or situation repulsed you. On the other hand, if someone has complemented you by saying, “I like your attitude,” it meant that person attracted you and you had a positive attitude towards her.

Attitude is neither good or bad until you have a goal. If your goal is to get a job in sales but are confronted with an established attitude about hating to ask for something in sales situations, you have a bad attitude. To succeed in a sales job you need to change your mind from fearing to ask for something-the order-to wanting to help customers achieve their goals by using and enjoying the wonderful product or service you provide.

Similarly, if you fear going on job interviews for the same reason, you must change your mind to wanting to show prospective employers how you can help them achieve their hiring goals.

You can eliminate lots of stress by changing your self-image from a person who fails to achieve, to one who deserves and seeks the goal he’s after. This kind of visualization can help you to change your mind and your life by changing the picture you hold of yourself.

Two nice takeaways from this article

First, learn to control the way you talk to yourself or think about yourself. As an editor edits his copy, learn to edit your thoughts by substituting negative self-talk to positive and affirming “happy talk.”

And second, visualize the end result you want to achieve in any area of life-from business and romance, to the job you want, the salary you deserve, and the kind work environment you desire.

Take it from Bloody Marty:

“You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream,

How you gonna have a dream come true?”